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More homes, more housing choices for an attainable Austin

More homes, more housing choices for an attainable Austin

Austin's Housing Crisis
and the HOME Phase 2 Proposal

Austin is in a housing crisis. There are not enough homes for all of the people that want to live in Austin, resulting in displacement and difficulty obtaining housing. The lack of housing has led to sprawl and traffic, making Austin less desirable for everyone.

For too long, Austin has not done enough to allow more types of housing for all types of people throughout the city. The Austin City Council will vote on May 16 on a series of housing reforms that will make housing more attainable for all. Please let the Austin City Council know that you support the housing-related reforms on the May 16 council agenda to create more housing for all!

Austin desperately needs more housing – particularly housing that is attainable for the average Austinite – teachers, first responders, college graduates, young professionals, and retirees alike. Current land use regulations make it impossible to meet housing demand.

Housing reforms are needed to help increase the housing supply, bring down costs, and make sure that people who work in Austin can live here. From first-time homebuyers to existing homeowners, young people to older adults, and essential workers to professionals, these housing reforms stand to benefit us all.

The HOME Phase 2 proposal would allow smaller minimum lot sizes, which would make homeownership more attainable for Austinites. The City Council is also considering making development easier near transit lines and changing compatibility standards to make development simpler along major corridors. Together, these reforms would allow for more types of homes in more types of places.

These housing reforms will make it easier to build new housing across Austin and at price points that are more attainable to the average Austinite. HOME Phase 2 will help address the current housing crisis and will lay the groundwork for a future where Austin remains an inclusive, vibrant community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Q&A On the HOME Phase 2 proposal

Why is the HOME Phase 2 proposal important?

The HOME Phase 2 proposal could create more housing options for middle-income families and individuals. This would help them to stay in Austin.

What are the benefits of the HOME Phase 2 proposal?

The HOME Phase 2 proposal would mean:

Common Misconceptions

  • These housing reforms do not require or mandate current lots or neighborhoods to change. It simply allows people, within their current deed restrictions or HOA rules, to subdivide their lot if they desire to do so. It would also allow construction on smaller lots.
  • These housing reforms do not eliminate Single-Family homes in the City of Austin. The proposal would add options and entitlements to single-family use, creating more housing opportunities for middle-income homeowners.
  • These housing reforms do not change impervious cover regulations.